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Do you want to think like a Designer?

Learn our design principles and watch as we use them to transform homes for our clients. 

With over 70 hours of exclusive interior design training available, the Design Sessions will teach you how to think about your home like a designer. 

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The Design Sessions can be streamed anywhere anytime

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Do you want to think like an Interior Designer?

With in depth sessions on accessorizing, furniture layout, lighting, art selection, flooring, painting, project management, kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, hardscapes and so much more, the Design Sessions is an incredible resource no matter your starting place.

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Once you become a member, you will receive full access to the entire Design Sessions library with over 70 hours of educational interior design content! You may cancel your membership at anytime.


Learn from Expert Designers

Confidence is the most important aspect in design, and Rebecca & Sharrah are here to share their knowledge with you. They will teach you exclusive industry secrets most designers would never share, so that you can confidently make design decisions. 


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Download the Session's PDF Handout to follow along as you watch. 


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Join a community of thousands of people from all around the world as they each embark on their own design journey. Communicate with other members as you learn together. 


Q&A's with Rebecca and Sharrah

Get priority access to have your design questions answered during Rebecca & Sharrah's live Q&A's.

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